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This site serves as GameChanger's ongoing donation fund throughout the year, providing a chance to not only support our charity via donations but also direct how your donation will be used by GameChanger! 

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Funds raised by GameChanger go towards:
- Financial aid for patients & families with cancer (ie pay bills)
- College scholarships to patients/survivors
- Video games & toys for patients
- Hosting unique gaming events for patients
- GamersGiveBack tour events like this: 

Facts / Impact to the Community:

- Delivered gifts to over 8,000 patients, families & staff on the Gamers Give Back Tour since July 2015
- Visited 30 hospitals in last 12 months with Child's Play, including 9 hospitals in July 2016 (15 more scheduled in 2016).
- Funded 35 college scholarships for cancer survivors since 2015
- Supported over 20,000 children & families since founding
- Processes over 100 tons of donated goods annually
- 96% of funds raised go towards the cause

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Thanks to all of our donors, partners & generous supporters in the gaming community and all around the world! None of this is possible without your help, and we cannot thank you enough! <3

About GameChanger
GameChanger Charity's mission is to improve the lives of children and families suffering from life-threatening illnesses. GameChanger makes an impact by delivering meaningful services directly to hospital patients & staff, awarding financial aid & college scholarships, delivering video game gift packages and hosting unique online gaming events. Founded in 2007, GameChanger was started by Jim Carol after witnessing the impact video games had on his son Taylor during a 5 year battle with Leukemia. To learn more, please visit

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