Mining For Change

Join us on May 16, 2015

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A Minecraft UHC to benefit GameChanger Charity!

On Sat. May 16th, starting at 1 PM PDT, “Mining For Change” will feature ~30 total participants playing Minecraft in a popular format of gameplay known as “Survival Games UHC”. Similar to Hunger Games, the event will include 6+ teams, engaging in friendly combat against one another in a private arena where the gamers must creatively use all of the available resources to outlast their competition!

Be sure to watch live on Twitch:

Donate to Support Your Favorite Gamer and Help Their Team Win!

Donors can influence gameplay during Mining For Change by giving various Minecraft items within the game! Just like in Hunger Games….viewers from outside the arena can “sponsor” their favorite participants and help them win!

Click DONATE NOW and make a donation, then you will receive an email prompting you to select a gift & gamer to award your gift to. Check out the list of items available by donation amount below:  

How To Watch - Teams & Viewing Directory

Head over to GameChanger's Twitch channel for the main broadcast hosted by OMGCHAD. Link:

Take a look at our list of awesome teams & streamers, and click on each team's multi-stream link (below) to watch their live Twitch broadcast during the event!

Team 1 Multi-stream link: tbd
Team 2 Multi-stream link: tbd
Team 3 Multi-stream link: tbd
Team 4 Multi-stream link: tbd
Team 5 Multi-stream link: tbd
Team 6 Multi-stream link: tbd

Mining For Change Apparel - Tshirts & Hoodie


Don't miss your chance to purchase this exclusive Mining For Change tshirt for $20! Hoodie & more colors available for a limited time here:

Event Details

What: Mining For Change, a Minecraft UHC Survival Games charity event!
When: Sat. May 16th, 1 PM PDT until ~4 PM PDT
Who: Hosted by OMGCHAD & benefiting GameChanger Charity
Where: Live-streamed on Twitch, primary broadcast & viewing directory on GameChange'rs Twitch channel:



GameChanger Charity is a nonprofit that benefits children battling life-threatening illnesses by providing direct services to families, paying the bills for families in need of financial relief and delivering video game gift packages to children in hospitals.  Founded in 2008, GameChanger was started by Jim Carol after witnessing the impact video games had on his son Taylor during a 5 year battle with Leukemia. Please visit for more info.

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