Get Involved Now - Join Our Minecraft Server!

Minecraft fans! Donate $5 NOW to join our custom server and enjoy free access to mini-games, then stay tuned for announcements on celebrity meet & greets in the Mineplex's PFC server before April 18th!

This is your chance to play Minecraft in the same server as CaptainSparklez, Syndicate and more of your favorites....don't miss out and donate today!!

How It Works & Reasons To Donate
- $5 donation grants access for 1 Minecraft user to the Playing for Change Minecraft server.
- Free access to play Mineplex's mini-games - over 20 including Speed Builders (NEW!), MicroBattles, Gladiators, Survival Games & more!
- Attend celebrity meet & greets in the server before April 18th!
- Leave your mark on the map, build & play with your friends.
- All $5 donations prior to 4/18 also entered to win EARLY BIRD prize!

Shout out to Mineplex for building this awesome, one-of-a-kind server, and allowing Minecraft fans around the world to get involved!

Terms for Playing for Change’s Minecraft Server hosted by Mineplex  - Unlimited access to the Playing for Change Server available at xxxxx (private URL, must be a donor) through April 20th. Users must have already purchased & downloaded Minecraft in order to join the server. To download a new copy, visit Access does not include a copy of the game. Users must play the PC version of Minecraft to access the server. PFC server provided & hosted by Mineplex, and are subject to Mineplex's official user terms. Users must adhere to the rules posted on the server, and are subject to ban with no questions asked if the rules are broken. The server has a maximum of 200 concurrent users, and immediate real-time availability is not guaranteed for any user. If the server is full, the user will be asked to wait in a lobby until the server is available. Subject to Official Rules.

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