About GameChanger & How Funds Will Be Used

All donations during the 'Battle Cancer with Naruto' campaign will be directed towards GameChanger, and support the charity's mission of improving the lives of children facing life-threatening illnesses through gaming.

Funds raised by GameChanger go towards:
- Financial aid for patients & families with cancer
- College scholarships for survivors
- Video games & toys for patients
- Hosting unique gaming events for patients (ie Gamers Give Back Days)

In 2015/16, GameChanger improved the lives of children with life-threating illnesses by:
- Visiting 15 hospitals around the USA on the Gamers Give Back Tour with Child's Play
- Providing direct services to over 4,250 patients/staff in hospitals 
- Delivering over $102,000 worth of gifts of video games, electronics & toys worth over $102,000 (retail value)
- Funding 32 college scholarships for cancer patients/survivors
- Processing over 100 tons of donated items/physical goods from partners

To learn more about GameChanger, visit gamechangercharity.org or watch this short video from one of GameChanger's hospital events:


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