About GameChanger & How Funds Will Be Used

All donations during the XCOM 2 Charity Showdown campaign will be directed towards GameChanger, and support the charity's mission of improving the lives of children facing life-threatening illnesses through gaming.

Funds raised by GameChanger go towards:
- Financial aid for patients & families with cancer
- College scholarships for survivors
- Video games & toys for patients
- Hosting unique gaming events for patients (ie Gamers Give Back Days)

In 2015/16, GameChanger improved the lives of children with life-threating illnesses by:
- Visiting 15 hospitals around the USA on the Gamers Give Back Tour with Child's Play
- Providing direct services to over 4,250 patients/staff in hospitals 
- Delivering over $102,000 worth of gifts of video games, electronics & toys worth over $102,000 (retail value)
- Funding 32 college scholarships for cancer patients/survivors
- Processing over 100 tons of donated items/physical goods from partners

To learn more about GameChanger, visit gamechangercharity.org or watch this short video from one of GameChanger's hospital events:


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