Show your support and make an impact on our 2nd Mining for Change UHC!

After making a donation, you will be able to send a Minecraft "gift" to your favorite Minecrafter to help their team win! After sending your gift, head back to GameChanger's Twitch channel to watch your name appear on screen! 

Here's a list of Minecraft items available to donors:

$5 items
1 Iron Ingot
16 Coal
8 Sugar Cane
3 Leather

$10 items
16 Raw Steak
16 Lapis
8 String
1 Gold Ingot

$25 items
1 Apple
1 Diamond
16 Arrows
1 Obsidian Block

$50 items
Knockback II Enhant + Anvil
Protection II Enchant
Projectile Protection II Enchant
Sharpness II Enchant
Punch Enchant
Potion of Stength (3:00)
Potion of Regen (0:45)
Potion of Healing (Instant 4 Health)
Weather (Rain, 5 Minutes)
Weather (Clear)

$100 items
1 Golden Apple
Fire Aspect II Enchant
Infinity Enchant
Flame Enchant

$150 items
Potion of Strength II (1:30)
Potion of Regen (2:00)
Splash Potion of Harming (6 Health)
Splash Potion of Poison (0:45)
Potion of Healing II (Instant 8 Health)

$250 items
Splash Potion of Harming II (12 health)

$500 items
Potion of Invisibility (3:00)

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