4/18 UHC - Event Details:

Syndicate's and CaptainSparklez's and over 20 gaming celebrities will face off in a Minecraft UHC event, a popular Minecraft mod where the last character/team standing wins. Viewers watching the live-broadcast on Twitch can donate to send Minecraft in-game items to their favorite players and help lead them to victory!

Donations on April 18th UHC

After making a donation on April 18th, you will be able to send a virtual Minecraft item to your favorite Minecrafter participating in the event & help their team win!

Take a look at the items available during the April 18th UHC (below), then make a donation to show your support.
After sending an item to one of the players, head back to the Twitch channel for the Minecrafter you selected to watch your name appear on screen & receive a shout out!

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