Streamers, Teams & How To Watch

Check out the amazing Minecrafters & gaming celebrities in Playing for Change!  Who will win the UHC team battle? Show your support and help your favorite streamer win!!

Teams & Links to Watch

Team SyndiSparklez - CaptainSparklez & Syndicate
Team Sky Castle - Aureylian & ItMeJP
Team Mineplex - ParkerGames & HBomb94
Team Geek & Sundry - GeekandSundry
Team Time Lords - MKtheWorst & KurtJMac
Team Boogie Bubbles - Shubble & Mousie Mouse 
Team KiwiVenom - AntVenom & KiwiFails
Team Friendly-Fire - Eneija & Wyntr Loves
Team Brashley - AshleyMariee & HiItsBrant
Team Mineplex Staff - SamreetoD & Siglis

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